Atola Technology

Imaging using Read Long in Bandura

Imaging is the main Atola Bandura feature. This is the reason why it has been unstoppably improved since the very first release. This time we added the new setting to the firmware update 1.1.5 allowing to apply Read Long command for reading bad sectors and getting some data from them on last pass. Every sector […]

Wiping 2 disks simultaneously in Bandura

Atola Bandura contains many erasing algorithms including DoD 5220.22-M, NIST 800-88, Security Erase, Fill with Pattern/LBA. All of them can be used for simultaneous wiping of 2 disk added to firmware version 1.1.5 as a new feature. New Disks to use setting allows to select one of two variants: – Source & Target (new!) – […]

HPA and DCO max address management

The Bandura (since firmware version 1.1.5) enables users to easily manage the HPA (Host Protected Area) and DCO (Device Configuration Overlay) settings in order to set the max address of a hard drive. The three below functions can be executed quickly and easily. 1. Set HPA address Establish HPA address restriction. After function is executed, […]

Bad Sector Repair in Atola Bandura

Today we would like to present another new function in Atola Bandura 1.1.5 release. The Bandura automatically repairs “soft” bad sectors (sectors with damaged ECC fields) using a fast and efficient remapping process. When the Bad Sector Repair function is selected, the Bandura reads the source disk block-by-block. If a read error occurs, it checks […]