Atola Technology

Thunderbolt extensions ready for shipping!

We are pleased to inform you that we have a bunch of Thunderbolt extension modules in stock that are ready to be shipped. The first extension modules are already on their way to the early birds who have placed their orders before they became available. Thunderbolt extension module enables forensically sound imaging and other operations on all […]

Exporting and importing cases from one computer to another

It is possible to transfer all or some of the cases stored in one Insight’s case management system to another one. The only requirement is that both computers have the same version of Insight installed. Whenever cases need to be transferred from one computer to another one, start by exporting the cases. 1. Go to Cases […]

Splitting an imaging session to separate targets

A situation may occur when multi-target imaging is paused to be continued later, but one or more targets become unavailable. The drive may need to be taken and used by another technician or broken, or the server with the image file may become unavailable. But you may need to finish the imaging to the remaining […]

Multi-pass imaging of damaged drives

Atola Insight Forensic has a complex imaging functionality, which allows imaging even physically damaged hard drives, while avoiding further drive deterioration. Damaged drives require a complex imaging approach, which would balance thorough data extraction with forensics’ need in expediency and measured treatment of damaged media. Most imagers have a linear imaging process, and whenever such […]