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Atola Insight at CES 2008

If you want to see Atola Insight in action, then you are welcome to visit us at CES 2008.

Project presentation at CES 2008 (January 7-10) in Las Vegas
Floor plan of the show | booth number: 73539 (Look for YEC booth and ask for Dmitry Postrigan) in the Sands Convention Center.

By the way, YEC also presents Shinobi, an HDD Unlocking tool powered by Atola Unlocker module. They also have all kinds of HDD duplicators. You have an opportunity to see all hi-tech HDD tools in one place, so do not miss the chance!

Atola Insight Forensic - All-in-one forensic data recovery tool. In-depth disk diagnostics, disk duplication and wiping, firmware and file recovery.

This tool will support all the drives firmware repair? For sale?


ZhouZhiWen on December 27, 2007 4:23 pm


This tool will support all hard drives.

Sales will begin in May 2008.


Dmitry Postrigan on December 27, 2007 5:24 pm

Dear Mr Postrigan

I’ve been seeing differing reports on the ATOLA Insights data recovery tool
yet not to many positives with the delays that have been occuring. I am purposly waiting to see how your ATOLA Insight stacks up against ACE Labratory PC 3000 ( DeepSpar) and disk imagers out in the Market Place.

If your system can do what it’s claimed it can do than I have a product at quite a substantial savings over the PC 3000 and its accessories.


R.K Bonell

R. K. Bonell on August 8, 2008 9:19 pm
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