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The speed of imaging with Atola Insight Forensic

As we travel to exhibit at forensic events worldwide, we usually bring some of the fastest SSDs (usually Samsung 850 Pro) with us to show the speed at which they can be imaged with Atola Insight Forensic (on these drives, it constitutes around 500 MB/s). At the same time, we feel that in this blog […]

Evidence acquisition workflow in 5 steps

For more information please read about the suggested workflow and hashing during imaging.

Artifacts: Image & analyze on the fly

Imaging is a time-consuming part of the evidence acquisition process, especially when dealing with damaged drives. Even though Atola Insight Forensic is the fastest forensic imaging tool in the world (there is literally no penalty on a drive speed when you image it with Insight!), we want to help expedite forensic process even further. That […]

Atola Insight Forensic 4.10 – Search of forensic artifacts in the course of imaging

On December 5 Atola Technology releases Atola Insight Forensic 4.10. The key feature is the search of artifacts capability while imaging a source evidence media. It allows to search the source drive for credit cards, emails, URLs, IPs, GPS coordinates, phone numbers, keywords etc. in the course of imaging. This feature will help forensic specialists expedite investigation in urgent […]

Calculating segmented hash of a damaged drive

When you work with a damaged device, and imaging can only be performed in multiple passes due to bad sectors or physically damaged areas or heads, it is impossible to calculate linear hash of the drive. This can become a serious challenge if you need to prove evidence integrity in the court of law. And […]