Atola Technology

Creating a logical image of a source drive

While physical imaging involves sector-for-sector copying the whole evidence drive from the first LBA to the last one, logical acquisition implies bit-for-bit copying of the file structure. Logical acquisition is handy, when time is limited and you need to quickly start working with the file structure. At the same time, logical image does not include […]

Case Management: Finding and Opening a Case

Insight’s Case Management system records every step of data acquisition process saving them into reports grouped by cases. To view the whole list of cases and their devices: Go to Case category in the top menu Click on Search/Open option In the Search and Open Case window you will see the list of all the […]

Q&A during Forensic Europe Expo

Atola team attended the annual Forensic Europe Expo on May 3 – 4 in London. We were pleased to meet both our existing and potential customers, and answer their questions about Atola Insight Forensic. Those of you who were not able to attend this event may have similar questions, so here are the most frequently […]

Verifying Damaged Target Images with Segmented Hashing

Last November Atola Technology team presented a new hashing method called Segmented hashing. Unlike the conventional linear hashing, segmented hashing produces not a single hash, but a list of hashes of corresponding LBA ranges of the image saved into a CSV file in this format: Hash, start LBA, end LBA By validating all hashes in […]

Extracting and Resetting an Unknown ATA Password

Insight can recover and/or remove unknown HDD passwords (also known as ATA passwords) and for most hard drives the unlocking process is fully automated. When a device is connected and identified as locked with an ATA password, there is a corresponding PWD indicator displayed in the port, and Security Status in the Home page says Locked, […]