Atola Technology

Atola Insight 3.2 released

We have just released a software update for Atola Insight and it is available for immediate download. More than 150 features and bug fixes were implemented in Atola Insight 3.2. We would like to introduce new key features right now. Password recovery for modern Seagate and WD drives We implemented smart internal algorithms for all […]

Meet Atola Insight 3.1

Atola Insight 3.1 has been released with more than 70 changes. We built up many new awesome features based on revolutionary UI update in 3.0 version. Imaging: Target HEX Viewer The real time viewer of imaged data! It shows all bytes already written to a target drive during imaging. There are two modes available: Automatic […]

Bye-bye Windows XP and Vista

I would like to announce that we are dropping support for Windows XP and Vista for our products listed below: Atola Insight Atola Imager Atola Forensic Imager Atola Disk Recycler It was not an easy decision, but after weighing our options we are certain that this is the only way to ensure quality of our […]

Hurry and take an advantage of the newly released Atola Insight 3.0!

One of Atola‚Äôs most significant releases ever, Insight 3.0, has been launched already! You will be pleasantly surprised by its many improvements and the increased opportunities it offers. With Atola Insight 3.0 take advantage of even more capabilities! Just take a look at the considerable number of improvements created for Insight 3.0. You can find […]

Bad Sector Recovery

Hard drives are built in a way so that they never return unreliable data. This means that if the hard drive cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the data requested, it will simply return an error and will never give away any data at all. Understanding Bad Sectors General causes for bad sector formation are physical […]