Atola Technology

Our first video tutorial about Atola Insight

We are glad to inform that our first video tutorial about Insight has just been recorded. It describes the parts of the main screen of Atola Insight and targeted on new users mostly. We are going to present a series of other video tutorials about our software soon. If you are interested in explanation of […]

New speed of disk imaging from Atola Insight

We are glad to inform you about new exciting feature of the second version of DiskSense unit – DiskSense Ethernet. It solves the problem of speed limitation by USB 2.0 interface completely. Steps to achieve a high speed of imaging If you have DiskSense Ethernet unit, you should attach one disk as source and another […]

Atola Insight: First official release

Finally, after more than two years of development, we are releasing the first version of Atola Insight. I would like to thank all beta testers who provided their priceless feedback, it helped a lot! The software is still far from being complete, and we are continuing our work on making it better. We plan to […]

Atola Insight 0.85

On September 15th, we have released a new version of Atola Insight Beta. I would like to elaborate on a new feature that we’ve added in this update. We call it Media Map. Media Map The process of copying data from the source drive is very important in data recovery. But reading every sector of […]

Atola Insight 0.8

On September the 1st we’ve released the first update for the Atola Insight beta since releasing it to the public. The update contains critical bugfixes, performance improvements, and new features. Full changelog is available at: A lot of new stuff is on the way and will be included in the next releases.Future releasesWe have […]