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Atola Insight: Status Update

We are finishing up the testing of our new Atola DiskSense unit; and we are also finishing up the Atola Insight software, meaning that we will be releasing our first public beta version on July 1st, 2008. Initially, we’ve planned the beta for May 2008. However, at some point we realized that the Atola Insight […]

Atola Insight: Case Management explained

This is something new to the data recovery software/equipment industry, so I have a feeling that it needs to be explained. Basically, case management allows tracking everything that is being done to a particular hard drive. I will give a couple real world examples: More than one person works on a particular hard drive When […]

Atola Insight: Supported hard drives

We receive this question again and again: what hard drives (model numbers) are supported by Atola Insight? I completely realize the importance of this question, but unfortunately, there is no simple answer. When we were designing Atola Insight, we’ve faced a dilemma: whether we add support for new hard drives on a per-model basis or […]

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Update on Atola Insight

We had a fully working Atola Insight software together with Atola DiskSense unit on the show, so anyone could see it in action and even try it. I am very proud that we had no program crashes and no hardware failures during the expo, thanks to Fedir, Andrey and Alexander — our top-notch developers. It […]