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Data Recovery & Forensic Cases

How do you start your working day? Data recovery (DR) and Forensic specialists are highly known because of their workplace, aren’t they? A computer with the case removed and wires sticking out, piles of hard disc drives with various stickers and labels, and more wires is typically a confusing, disorganized mess. You have just come […]

Atola Insight 2.0

We are proud to announce the release of Atola Insight 2.0, the latest version of our data recovery suite. Below is a short list of highlights from the new release. Please view our change log for a complete list of changes. HFS/HFS+ support Atola Insight now completely supports Apple Mac OS / Mac OS X […]

Atola Insight: First official release

Finally, after more than two years of development, we are releasing the first version of Atola Insight. I would like to thank all beta testers who provided their priceless feedback, it helped a lot! The software is still far from being complete, and we are continuing our work on making it better. We plan to […]

Atola Insight 0.85

On September 15th, we have released a new version of Atola Insight Beta. I would like to elaborate on a new feature that we’ve added in this update. We call it Media Map. Media Map The process of copying data from the source drive is very important in data recovery. But reading every sector of […]

Atola Insight: Case Management explained

This is something new to the data recovery software/equipment industry, so I have a feeling that it needs to be explained. Basically, case management allows tracking everything that is being done to a particular hard drive. I will give a couple real world examples: More than one person works on a particular hard drive When […]