Atola team is pleased to announce that from now on TaskForce can be integrated into new Magnet AUTOMATE 2.0 software. 

By automating the most time-consuming part of an investigation process, Magnet AUTOMATE significantly reduces backlogs and substantially increases the number of completed cases.

Atola TaskForce: Magnet Automate Dashboard

In addition to expediting evidence acquisition and processing, Magnet AUTOMATE allows creating a repeatable workflow for each particular type of investigation and saving it as a pattern to operate in the future. This way, forensic professionals can focus on urgent tasks, requiring human attention, entrusting a well-planned workflow to the selected toolkit as controlled by Magnet AUTOMATE.  

Atola TaskForce: Magnet Automate Workflow

Now Magnet Forensics and Atola Technology join forces to speed up your work with evidence even further!

With Atola TaskForce, which supports up to 18 parallel imaging sessions at the cumulative speed of 15 TB/hour, Magnet AUTOMATE controls the imaging progress of multiple drives and launches their subsequent analysis in parallel, boosting evidence processing speed to the maximum.

Atola TaskForce: 10 imaging sessions running

As always, you can also track the progress remotely from desktop PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone: simply enter the IP address in a Chrome browser. Reports on each session are created both in the Magnet Automate and in TaskForce itself. 

Olga Milishenko

Olga Milishenko

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