Ever since Atola Technology has shifted its focus from data recovery to forensic market, we have been researching our clients’ needs and developed Atola Insight Forensic in close cooperation with law enforcement agencies and forensic experts to meet their demand in speedy evidence acquisition tool for both good and damaged media.

We find it very rewarding that our systems have been indispensable in a huge number of investigations and appreciate the feedback from our customers that we have been receiving throughout the years.

Among the forensic experts who have been successfully solving cases with the help of our devices are Derek Frawley and John Farrugia from the Police of Ontario, Canada.

In June 2017 Derek and John were invited to speak at the Techno Security and Digital Forensics Conference. In the presentation, they shared their experience in streamlined child exploitation investigations and dedicated 6 slides to Atola Insight Forensic and its functionality that makes this device essential to their investigation process.

We are deeply touched by the fact that our expertise in data recovery makes an impact in investigations as important to children, families and communities as these, and we would like to share this presentation with you.

Streamlined Child Exploitation Investigations by D. Frawley & J. Farrugia

Streamlined Child Exploitation Investigations by D. Frawley & J. Farrugia