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DiskSense Gigabit Ethernet

First batch of our new DiskSense units has been shipped to Ji2, our worldwide distributor. Main advantages over the USB unit are the ability to image data directly onto another hard drive, and create images over Gigabit Etherent link. In our latest Atola Insight release (v1.4.1), we’ve reached imaging speed of about 85MB/second (5GB/min) on a pair of Seagate 7200.11 hard drives. And we are continuing to work to reach even greater speed! I’ve just took some pictures of the new unit:       Also, we have released an imager-only edition of the Atola Insight which is basically same setup (software + DiskSense unit), but it does not have Read more…


Atola Insight 1.3.7

New version of Atola Insight is released. Changelog is available here: For Insight customers we have also installed our new forum. In order to register on the forum you need to open it for the first time from Insight’s Help menu. We believe that this forum will improve communication between you and Insight’s developers and will help to share  knowledge about data recovery among Insight users. You are welcome!

atola insight

Our first video tutorial about Atola Insight

We are glad to inform that our first video tutorial about Insight has just been recorded. It describes the parts of the main screen of Atola Insight and targeted on new users mostly. We are going to present a series of other video tutorials about our software soon. If you are interested in explanation of that or another part of Atola Insight in a video tutorial, please write about it in a comment to this post! Feel free to write comments because your opinion is really important for us.

atola insight

New speed of disk imaging from Atola Insight

We are glad to inform you about new exciting feature of the second version of DiskSense unit – DiskSense Ethernet. It solves the problem of speed limitation by USB 2.0 interface completely. Steps to achieve a high speed of imaging If you have DiskSense Ethernet unit, you should attach one disk as source and another disk as destination to it. Run the latest version of Atola Insight. Click on Imaging and make a very short setup of your disk duplication process. Start imaging!   As a result you will see something like this: In the current case we can see that data is being copied from SAMSUNG HD250HJ to WDC Read more…

atola insight

Atola Insight: First official release

Finally, after more than two years of development, we are releasing the first version of Atola Insight. I would like to thank all beta testers who provided their priceless feedback, it helped a lot! The software is still far from being complete, and we are continuing our work on making it better. We plan to release new versions of Atola Insight every 2 to 4 weeks, so that all users enjoy new features as soon as we implement them. Our plans for the upcoming releases: Better automatic diagnostics More disk imaging/duplication options Full firmware access for more hard drives Online firmware repositories Better file recovery engine You can view full Read more…