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Atola Insight at CES 2008

If you want to see Atola Insight in action, then you are welcome to visit us at CES 2008. Project presentation at CES 2008 (January 7-10) in Las Vegas Floor plan of the show | booth number: 73539 (Look for YEC booth and ask for Dmitry Postrigan) in the Sands Convention Center. By the way, YEC also presents Shinobi, an HDD Unlocking tool powered by Atola Unlocker module. They also have all kinds of HDD duplicators. You have an opportunity to see all hi-tech HDD tools in one place, so do not miss the chance!

Atola insight: Archives

Real time current monitor in Atola Insight

We’ve got it working today. There will be two kinds of current monitors in Atola Insight: full-sized monitor and tiny monitor. Tiny monitor can stay on the screen allowing to always keep an eye on hard drive’s power consumption. Current Monitor (click to see in full size) The image above shows normal spin-up and initialization currents (5V and 12V) for a desktop hard drive.

Atola insight: Archives

We’ve got an Insight

It’s been quiet in our blog last months, and for a good reason. We are currently developing Atola Insight, a data recovery solution. What’s good about it is that it covers all four phases of a data recovery process: diagnostics, firmware recovery, duplication/imaging, and file recovery. The Fourth Element Every data recovery specialist knows about the firmware recovery tools, disk duplication (or imaging) tools, and file recovery (data extraction) tools. But there is one more important thing that often gets overlooked: diagnostics. When a hard drive arrives to the lab, the very first thing a specialist has to do is to find out the current state of the hard drive. Read more…

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Restoring Factory Hard Drive Capacity

This article is a complete guide on recovering your hard drive’s factory capacity. At the end of this article there is a link to our program that recovers factory capacity of any hard drive. “My hard drive has mysteriously became smaller! How can I restore its full capacity?” There are several common reasons of why your hard drive might lose some megabytes or even gigabytes: Your Operating System does not support LBA48 addressing mode You are mixing binary and decimal gigabytes Your motherboard has created a hidden area on your hard drive to store a backup of the BIOS binaries Your PC/Laptop manufacturer has created a hidden area on your Read more…

Data recovery

Smart partition recovery software

In most partition recovery software, to locate all partitions on a damaged hard drive, you have to scan the entire surface. The process, which is often pretty much useless, may take up to several hours of your precious time, and it may even take days if the hard drive is filled with bad blocks. In the worst case scenario, it can make significant damage to the hard drive, thus making the data recovery process much more complicated and expensive. While the need of scanning the entire hard drive might look reasonable, in vast majority of cases it is not needed. Furthermore, there‚Äôs no need to scan more than 1% of Read more…