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Atola is Hiring!

We are currently looking for two awesome people to join Atola. Our Quality Assurance team needs reinforcement to join them in their ongoing effort of ensuring the stability of our software. In their turn, our Hardware Development team is facing the new challenge of expanding our production and expediting product Read more…

TaskForce Demo
Atola TaskForce

Atola TaskForce Demo

We are happy to share the voiced Atola TaskForce video. It thoroughly explains how one can save a lot of time when facing a problem of imaging many evidence drives. High-resolution version of the video is available for download here: Atola TaskForce Demo Enjoy!

Atola TaskForce

Multi-pass imaging of damaged drives

Atola TaskForce has a complex imaging functionality, which allows imaging even physically damaged drives, while avoiding further drive deterioration. Damaged media require a sophisticated imaging approach to balance out thorough data extraction with forensics’ need in expediency and careful treatment of damaged media.