I would like to announce that we are dropping support for Windows XP and Vista for our products listed below:

  • Atola Insight
  • Atola Imager
  • Atola Forensic Imager
  • Atola Disk Recycler

It was not an easy decision, but after weighing our options we are certain that this is the only way to ensure quality of our products in the future releases.

Therefore, the upcoming software updates for the above mentioned products will not install on Windows XP or Vista anymore.


I know there are people who still have warm feelings about Windows XP, and I am one of them. However, recently we have found ourselves fixing quite a bit of things that were only broken because Windows XP does not support something. Not only that, but because certain things work quite differently on Windows XP in comparison to Windows 7 and 8, we need to extensively test each release for Windows XP compatibility. And we’ve got a feeling that we’re wasting our time.

We want concentrate our efforts on what matters. Supporting these obsolete operating systems takes more and more of our resources which we could otherwise spend developing cool features. This is especially valid since fewer and fewer of our customers still use these OS’s. Dropping support of Windows XP and Vista will also allow us to spend less time doing quality assurance, which means shorter time between releases.

So, if you are still running one of these operating systems, now is a good time to upgrade to either Windows 7 or Windows 8; all our products run perfectly on both.

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