Imaging an iSCSI device in Atola Insight Forensic 5.5
Atola Insight Forensic

Insight Forensic 5.5 – Image 3 iSCSI drives in parallel

A new software update for Atola Insight Forensic is ready for download! Version 5.5 brings support for the iSCSI protocol and makes it possible to image drives that are soldered into a motherboard, working servers that couldn’t be turned off, or devices for which you have legal warrant to access but not seize. Use iSCSI for remote image acquisition Before, the remote imaging option in Insight Forensic was only available for specific models of MacBooks Pro and Air released in 2016-2017 by using a Thunderbolt extension module. Now, thanks to iSCSI support in Insight Forensic, you can add up to 3 remote network drives simultaneously and image them in parallel. Read more…

Atola TaskForce

TaskForce 2024.1 update ‒ Verify segmented hashes

You remember segmented hashes, right? They’re what you want to use to verify an image of a damaged drive: after multipass imaging of a damaged drive in TaskForce, these hashes are calculated only for the good areas of a drive. Segmented hashing also does its job when the classic linear hashing fails. By verifying all segmented hashes in a set, you can prove that the entire image has not changed over time. Even if the hash of one damaged segment becomes invalid, you still have all the other good segments with their valid hashes. But how do you verify segmented hashes? Previously, you could do it using our open source Read more…

TaskForce 2024.1 update ‒ Verify segmented hashes
Company news

2023. Year in Review

In 2023 Atola Technology celebrated 20 years since it was founded by Dmitry Postrigan and his partner at the time Fedir Nepyivoda. Our core team has just given an interview to Forensic Focus about some of our history, our process today, and Atola’s plans for the future: So, what else happened? In 2023 we launched our new flagship product, released 6 software updates, held a record number of meetings with customers, hired great new talents, and are already working on something new to share with you in 2024! Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s what. Atola TaskForce 2 No doubt, our most exciting project and accomplishment of 2023 Read more…

Customizing the Taskbar in the TaskForce 2023.11 update
Atola TaskForce

Customize the Taskbar in the TaskForce 2023.11 update

Using some TaskForce features more often than others and want them at hand? Now, with TaskForce 2023.11 firmware update, you can customize your Taskbar as you like to have quicker access to the functionality you use the most. And hide features you rarely utilize under the Others button. It is as easy as dragging and dropping icons on the Taskbar where you want them. Here’s how it works now: Go to Other. Click the new Customize taskbar button. Drag and drop task buttons on the Taskbar and Other page. All changes are stored in your browser only and do not affect other users. And if you want to go back Read more…

Atola TaskForce

TaskForce 2023.10: now with RAID 6 support

And there it comes! A long-awaited support for RAID 6 is finally here with new firmware updates for Atola TaskForce and TaskForce 2. Now you can automatically detect, reassemble, and image that popular RAID type, even with two missing members. New updates also bring more convenience when working with NVMe drives: a new status bar and enhanced diagnostics report. And, of course, there are the whole bunch of minor tweaks and fixes. Let’s learn more about each of these features! Rebuild and image RAID 6 In addition to JBOD, RAID 0, 1, 10, and 5, TaskForce now lets you automatically reassemble RAID 6 and then create its bit-by-bit forensic copy. Read more…

Data inspector tab in the Disk editor.
Atola Insight Forensic

Insight Forensic 5.4 – the new Disk Editor for easier byte-level analysis

We are happy to announce a new firmware update for Atola Insight Forensic. For version 5.4, we’ve thoroughly overhauled our Disk Editor module to make byte-level analysis much easier. The new update also includes more than 35 new features and bugfixes. And, a nice bonus: Insight Forensic can now detect two and more file systems intentionally squeezed into a single file system partition. The new Disk editor: find, read, or edit bytes quicker and easier The Disk editor module for analyzing device data on the byte level has got a fresher look and feel.  Here are the main improvements: Navigate faster. Insight Forensic now seamlessly reads device space in infinite Read more…

Atola TaskForce

Atola TaskForce 2023.4.2 stability update

We are pleased to announce a minor stability update to Atola TaskForce firmware that brings important reliability and network discovery enhancements to your imager. Stability improvements Possible out of memory error when imaging 10+ TB source drive to E01 compressed segmented files. 1 or 2 files/folders were missing from the list when connecting to a network shared Windows drive folder (root folder only!). Gateway address with static IP did not work when TaskForce was connected to multiple subnets. Download To get access to all new TaskForce features, download latest TaskForce firmware from our website. NB: If your subscription has been active till April 28 or later, this update is available Read more…

Atola TaskForce 2

Yes, it’s Atola TaskForce 2. And it’s impressive! Come take a look

Three… Two… One… Launch! Five years after the release of TaskForce, our hard-working forensic imager, we’re launching its advanced version – Atola TaskForce 2. And we can’t wait to tell you about all the improvements that make TaskForce 2 a next-level imager. The new generation of TaskForce brings more ports, more power and more speed. And all the features you love, too. 26 ports, 25+ parallel sessions, 25 TB/hour TaskForce 2 is able to simultaneously image 25+ evidence drives at an astonishing 25 TB/hour. To maximize imaging capacity, it has 26 ports of all popular types, highly productive server-grade CPU, motherboard and RAM, as well as two 10-Gbit Ethernet ports Read more…

Atola TaskForce

Meet the new TaskForce 2023.4 performance update

We are ready to roll with the new performance update for Atola TaskForce. In version 2023.4, we focused on productivity, better user experience, and more efficient use of network resources. Here are main improvements included in TaskForce 2023.4: Better performance when multitasking and imaging to multiple files More responsive user interface when performing multiple resource-consuming tasks New tool for optimizing speed of a remote work folder Let’s dive into the details of these useful performance tweaks. Enjoy improved performance when imaging to E01/AFF4/Raw files As the drive size and number of drives per case are constantly increasing, data acquisition from evidence devices could take ages. For instance, the latest 20TB Read more…