Atola TaskForce

Meet the new TaskForce 2023.4 performance update

We are ready to roll with the new performance update for Atola TaskForce. In version 2023.4, we focused on productivity, better user experience, and more efficient use of network resources. Here are main improvements included in TaskForce 2023.4: Better performance when multitasking and imaging to multiple files More responsive user interface when performing multiple resource-consuming tasks New tool for optimizing speed of a remote work folder Let’s dive into the details of these useful performance tweaks. Enjoy improved performance when imaging to E01/AFF4/Raw files As the drive size and number of drives per case are constantly increasing, data acquisition from evidence devices could take ages. For instance, the latest 20TB Read more…

Atola Insight Forensic

Search cryptocurrency artifacts and wipe NVMe drives with Insight Forensic 5.3

We’re going live with a new update for Atola Insight Forensic. Version 5.3 is packed with new features, has received a decent performance boost, and broadened its multitasking capabilities.  Here’s our top picks: Cryptocurrency artifacts search: BIP39 mnemonic phrase, Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses. New wiping methods for NVMe drives: Format NVM and Sanitize. Multi-launch of Automatic checkup, Artifact finder, Locate sectors, and Calculate hash. Let us show you the new opportunities they bring and how these new features can simplify your work! Search cryptocurrency artifacts on the fly Insight Forensic is much more than simple imaging software. It supports copying of damaged drives and manages 3 parallel imaging sessions Read more…

Company news

2022 Year in Review

2022 was a year when many of the challenges of the COVID era finally stepped back. Yet the team had to learn to work around a new Force Majeure factor. If possible, the new circumstance has made us even more determined to follow through on our development and production plans. We are finishing this year with a number of great achievements. So let’s have a look together at our 2022 year in review! Atola TaskForce firmware updates The RAID module received more enhancements this year. Two additional stages of the configuration detection algorithm to address the situation when a configuration has not been identified: Stage 3 for less probable configuration Read more…

Atola TaskForce

TaskForce 2022.10: APFS support, better RAID reassembly, Format NVMe

It’s already here! Atola has released new features for TaskForce with its new firmware version 2022.10. Now users of Atola TaskForce can: Unlock and image drives with APFS volumes. Reassemble RAID automatically, even with one missing drive. Securely wipe NVMe drives. Create and manage several user profiles for one TaskForce unit. Let’s dive deeper into each of these great features! Unlock and image drives with APFS volumes Yes, now you can use TaskForce to acquire data from devices or images with APFS file system. It is one of the newest file systems created by Apple for its devices, including Mac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Connect a Read more…


Q&A about Atola imagers at GPEC and Forensics Europe Expo

Atola team recently attended a few European events and had lots of great conversations with participants from Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Lithuania, Czechia, Kuwait, Austria, Romania, Hungary, South Korea, Singapore, Egypt, the Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, Ukraine, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France and many other countries! We are thrilled to have had the exchange of ideas these events have enabled. Our team of engineers always draws inspiration from the feedback we receive from you. We are certainly looking forward to more! But most importantly, we got a chance to explain how our tools can help you in solving your daily tasks. Here are some of the questions asked and the Read more…

Atola team at Forensics Europe Expo
Wiping multiple drives
Atola Insight Forensic

Wipe multiple drives in Atola Insight Forensic 5.2

Atola Insight Forensic is hitting a remarkable milestone today with the release of v5.2! This update brings some great new productivity features and more consistent performance. The major changes in the 5.2 software update allow to: wipe multiple drives launch a third-party CLI app after image acquisition is over Let’s delve into the new features to see how they can make you more efficient and productive at work. Wipe multiple drives One of the most popular use cases of Atola Insight Forensic is wiping multiple drives to prepare them for further digital forensic activities. Most of our customers prefer to wipe several drives connected to DiskSense unit simultaneously. To ease Read more…

Atola TaskForce

RAID imaging made easy with TaskForce 

In summer 2020, Atola released a groundbreaking RAID functionality in TaskForce to identify, reassemble and image arrays in a fast and forensically sound manner. It made TaskForce the only hardware RAID imager in the world.  Nearly two years and a few firmware updates later, TaskForce is a 3-in-1 solution that: automatically identifies the RAID type and configuration; images the array or its specific parts (partition, folder or file level) at high speed; automatically rebuilds data in arrays with redundancy (1, 5, 10) and recovers data from damaged RAID members. The most recent releases supplemented the existing features set with more RAID types and file systems, enhanced configuration search algorithms and Read more…

RAID imaging with Atola TaskForce
Atola TaskForce

Logical imaging in TaskForce 2022.4

Hurray! Atola has released the newest firmware for TaskForce introducing Logical Imaging as the update’s key feature. The 2022.4 firmware also includes these major enhancements: improvements to the RAID autodetection module NVMe drive diagnostics 50% increase in the speed of SHA hash calculation in-depth FAT32/16 filesystem support new Date/Time, ‘Add case’ button, printing settings Logical imaging Atola TaskForce customers have been asking about it a lot. Here are just a few requests: “We would want to be able to verify with the client the number of successful files recovered, preferably by extension (.JPG, PDF, DOC, ETC).”   “I need to image XFS files because Windows doesn’t see XFS partitions.”   Read more…

Logical imaging