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We are shutting down Bandura

We are retiring Atola Bandura, our standalone high-speed disk duplicator. If you have one, please update to the latest firmware. Do not worry, we will still fully support your Bandura if you run into any issue.

Why would we cancel such a great product?

Bandura was the coolest disk duplicator ever. We put a lot of effort into making it a great product, so it was hard for us to make this decision. One of the reasons why we are canceling Bandura is because when it comes to pure features, it is very similar to our flagship product, Atola Insight. Both products have the same features, which makes these products compete with each other and make it difficult for our customers to make an educated decision as to which one to buy.

Another, and more important reason: Bandura’s development process is quite complex and takes up a lot of time. At the same time, Bandura will never be better than Atola Insight, simply because of the fundamental design limitations. So, instead of continuing developing two competing products, we want to focus our efforts on the Atola Insight and make it the absolute best solution in the Forensic and Data Recovery markets.

Atola Insight Forensic - All-in-one forensic data recovery tool. In-depth disk diagnostics, disk duplication and wiping, firmware and file recovery.

I try to buy from amazon, do you support that ends,
Buy mind was gone.

Bad Sector Repair, Duplication
Function, it was just wanted to buy the product.
If you buy now, not?
We want you to continue production.

young kyu - Lee on August 25, 2013 8:16 pm

Wow, too bad, it’s such a nice product.
The standalone aspect makes it real usefull for copying drives with not so many errors.
Also great for zeroing drives that are not 100%.

If adding imaging by head would have been an option, it’s the perfect imager for me.

Insight is so much more expensive. Will you drop the prices on that one?

Alwin Daams on October 7, 2013 5:43 pm
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