Just returned back from my trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The trip was mainly divided into two parts – entertaining (visiting CES), and working (the office of Ji2 Inc).

Both of them were good. Currently, we (A-FF Labs) are developing partnership with Ji2, and we’ve started pretty well. These guys are developing and selling good HDD duplication and testing equipment for a couple of years:


The goal of partnership is to incorporate our HDD unlocking technology (from the Repair Station and HDD Unlock project) with their hardware device to produce a device for forensic investigations, basically for password removal purpose.

I am happy to announce that we have developed the prototype in LA, and it works awesome. Unlocking of the HDD with it is simple as a pie.

The device is currently in production and sales should take off in March. The preliminary cost of a piece is $1200.

I hope sales will be good ;-)

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