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Atola Bandura is one of the best solutions for the data recovery market as it is a powerful imager, wiper and tester for professional use. Every new release means fresh and well thought-out improvements, and incredible opportunities.

What’s new in Bandura 2.0?

Here are the latest firmware changes:

  • Speed of imaging, wiping, and repairing increased up to 30%;
  • More strong support of SSD disks attached to Target port;
  • Correct DCO and HPA processing for disks larger than 2 TB;
  • New complete icons on buttons.

Atola Bandura 2.0 hardware unit has the following improvements:

  • More physical security to SATA- ports;
  • New touchscreen with a strong resistance to ESD;
  • Renewed hardware platform with 20% increased performance.

Atola Bandura 2.0 benefits

As a result every Bandura customer receives these advantages:

  • The time-saving unit makes your work more efficient;
  • The high speed rate ensures great results;
  • You can achieve maximum goals with minimum efforts;
  • There’s no need for additional learning;
  • It helps you to save money and earn more;
  • The compact unit and the aesthetic look make you differ from competitors.

Atola Bandura main menu, part 2

Additionally, Atola Bandura includes wide set of important features in data recovery such as excellent work with damaged hard disk drives, safe disk wiping of 2 disks simultaneously, securing checksum calculation MD5/SHA, precise byte-to-byte comparing, repairing bad sectors, and others.

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Where to dowload Atola Bandura 2.0 firmware

Download the latest firmware update here: Atola Bandura 2.0

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