We are introducing the new Atola Disk Recycler with full support for SAS drives. This release contains over 40 improvements and bug fixes.

Taking into consideration key features only, see how Recycler 2.0 is compared against the previous 1.8 version.

Atola Disk Recycler 2.0

Atola Disk Recycler 1.8

SATA drives Yes


SAS drives



High-performance report search



SAS support

We have created a new hardware system which has 4 ports with full support for both SAS and SATA drives.

New SAS and previous-generation SATA systems can be linked into a single network, both types will be properly recognized by the software.

SAS Disk Recycler 2.0

We added support of some SAS commands including custom ones like Sas, SasIn, SasOut:


Faster report search

Search report system was completely re-written in Disk Recycler 2.0. Now it doesn’t use an external database; instead, high-performance search index was added to give more responsive user experience when dealing with dozens of hardware units.

The search window has got the following improvements:

  • Smarter searches with wildcard support (see the screenshot below)
  • Pagination with search result count
  • Ability to export all found reports to CSV file

Report search in Recycler 2.0

All other significant Atola Disk Recycler 2.0 changes are listed here: Changelog.

How to upgrade software

Atola Disk Recycler 2.0 software is available on this page: Download

Where to buy Recycler units with SAS/SATA support

If you want to buy our newest Recycler SAS equipment, it can be done directly via Atola Technology, or from a distributor near you:



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