When you work on an investigation and want to have complete information about the evidence drive and all operations that have been taken to diagnose, image, calculate hash, etc., you can address Atola TaskForce’s case management system to print out all reports concerning your evidence.

To do that:

1) Click Print button at the bottom of the case page.

Print reports

2) In the pop-up window, you can choose if you want the printed reports to include non-device reports and logs.

NB Non-device reports are case-related reports that register case details changes, case imports, exports etc. Logs are parts of the reports that give detailed information about the start and the end of a task, problems encountered during the operation (e.g. inability to read a sector within the time allocated for the operation), actions taken (e.g. jumps from a bad sector, completed pass of imaging, performed resets and power cycles etc.)

Print multiple reports from a case and include logs and non-device reports

3) Click Generate button. This will redirect you to a page with full reports. There they are put in the same order as the order, in which they were listed on the case page (either by date or by title).

Generated reports

NB If you selected the Information about unit’s components, the last report generated will include the description of all storage devices contained in current TaskForce system.

Generated report listing all storage devices contained in current TaskForce unit

4) In this page, there is another Print button. After clicking it you can configure printing settings.

Each report will be printed on a new page.

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