Hey, we’ve just released nice tool — Partition Find and Mount. This tool allows everyone to easily recover files from lost or accidentally deleted partitions in the very convenient way.

So, what are the differences between our software and other tools like R-Studio or similar? I will number three of them.

  1. Partition Find and Mount works extremely fast. Scanning your hard drive may take only 0.1 second.
  2. All found partitions can be mounted into the system. Mounting will make them available to the operating systems and standard tools like Windows Explorer can be used to access files.
  3. Software is extremely easy to use.

I know, I know that we probably won’t get rich by selling this software, but the concept of recovering partitions this way was so good that we couldn’t resist.

Dmitry Postrigan
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Fabiuz · April 25, 2022 at 6:57 pm

The link for version pro not works.

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