Checksum calculation screen in Bandura

Today we would like to present one of our new forensic functions in Atola Bandura 1.1.5 release.

Our new checksum (hash) function executes fast and accurate checksum calculations on both the source and target hard drives at once. Checksum calculation is a valuable feature to have on an imager, and being able to calculate both checksums simultaneously at high speed is a great time-saver. Checksum calculations (HDD hash values) are automatically saved to the attached USB flash stick after operation. Various algorithms are available to meet different procedural (forensic) standards.

Supported checksum algorithms: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512.

Checksum calculation in progress

Checksum calculation in progress

Checksum results

Checksum calculation results

Calculated MD5 checksum for source and target disks with identical data

MD5 checksums calculated on Bandura

Checksum calculation log

Source: SAMSUNG HD322GJ, 1AR10001, S2BJJ90B339168
Target: SAMSUNG HD322GJ, 1AR10001, S2BJJ90B339184
Checksum: MD5

Status: Completed

Time: 13 minutes
Sectors scheduled: 312 602 978
Sectors compared: 312 602 978
Errors: 0

Source Checksum:


Target Checksum:



12:21| Checksum calculation completed
00:00| Checksum calculation started

Please note: all product features are listed in Bandura specifications.

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