Atola Technology

How we test our devices

Today we are offering you a sneak peek into Atola Technology office to show you our device storage system. As you know, Atola Insight Forensic and Atola Recycler both support the vast majority of 1.8-inch, 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch IDE, SATA and USB hard drives, USB Flash media as well as SD, Compactflash, and Memory Stick cards. […]

Bad Sector Recovery

Hard drives are built in a way so that they never return unreliable data. This means that if the hard drive cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the data requested, it will simply return an error and will never give away any data at all. Understanding Bad Sectors General causes for bad sector formation are physical […]

Atola Insight 0.85

On September 15th, we have released a new version of Atola Insight Beta. I would like to elaborate on a new feature that we’ve added in this update. We call it Media Map. Media Map The process of copying data from the source drive is very important in data recovery. But reading every sector of […]

Atola Insight: Case Management explained

This is something new to the data recovery software/equipment industry, so I have a feeling that it needs to be explained. Basically, case management allows tracking everything that is being done to a particular hard drive. I will give a couple real world examples: More than one person works on a particular hard drive When […]

Atola Insight: Supported hard drives

We receive this question again and again: what hard drives (model numbers) are supported by Atola Insight? I completely realize the importance of this question, but unfortunately, there is no simple answer. When we were designing Atola Insight, we’ve faced a dilemma: whether we add support for new hard drives on a per-model basis or […]