With each passing year, speed becomes a yet bigger issue for forensic specialists: while the capacity of hard drives grows exponentially, their speed does not keep up. A common 4TB drive’s speed constitutes up to 200 MB/s or 12 GB/min, which translates to more than 5 hours of imaging. And it may take prohibitive amounts of time to image a drive with damaged zones. Therefore, the ability to simultaneously run different operations on several devices is more vital than ever.

To provide users with greater productivity, Atola Insight Forensic’s high-capacity multi-core CPU supports up to 15 concurrent tasks, that can be assigned to different drives or image files.

You can start Imaging process from a Source drive to one or multiple Target drives and/or image files. Then you can click on the Plus icon and open another target drive to start another operation.


For example, you can launch Fill/Erase on this Target drive to get it ready for the next Imaging session:


It is also possible to Calculate Hash on yet another Target drive:

Other long-running operations you can perform simultaneously include:

  • Automatic Checkup
  • Verifying Segmented Hashes
  • File Recovery
  • Scripting (e.g. search files, files types, words, phrases or patterns, specific information type like email address, telephone, address, GPS coordinates etc.).
  • Comparing data on drive with a pattern
  • Media Scan
Yulia Samoteykina

Yulia Samoteykina

Director of Marketing Yulia believes that with a product that is exceptionally good at solving tasks of forensic experts, marketing is all about explaining its capabilities to the users.

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