We have just released a software update for Atola Insight and it is available for immediate download.

More than 150 features and bug fixes were implemented in Atola Insight 3.2. We would like to introduce new key features right now.

Password recovery for modern Seagate and WD drives

We implemented smart internal algorithms for all modern WD drives. Automatic password removal for F3 Seagate HDDs is now supported.


Head map support for Seagates with physical sector size of 4K

Selective head-by-head imaging and diagnostics for all Seagate drives with 4KB physical sector size was added to Insight 3.2.


Transferring cases between PCs

With Insight 3.2, you can export entire case history and all reports for a certain hard drive into a single package file. Then this package file can be sent to a colleague in another location. After that he or she can easily import this file and continue working on the case.

Improved case search

“Open case” view became much more convenient for use:

  • Instant case history view after case selection
  • Added creation and last open date search conditions
  • Totally revamped UI



Other major Atola Insight 3.2 changes
  • DiskSense Ethernet now better handles short network outages
  • Imaging: Added “Next Head” button to instantly skip to the next head
  • Insight will now verify Target media for partitions and will output a warning if partitions are detected
  • Disk identification timeout can now be specified via Preferences
  • Password recovery can now reset a password temporarily, until a power cycle (nothing is written onto hard drive)
  • Reports can now be exported into PDF, HTML, RTF formats
  • When specifying sector ranges in Insight, abbreviations can now be used, i.e. 3M -> 3000000, 40K -> 40000

Full Atola Insight 3.2 change log is available here: Atola Insight Changelog.

Vitaliy Mokosiy
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Vitaliy Mokosiy

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