Atola Insight 3.1 has been released with more than 70 changes. We built up many new awesome features based on revolutionary UI update in 3.0 version.

Imaging: Target HEX Viewer

The real time viewer of imaged data! It shows all bytes already written to a target drive during imaging. There are two modes available:

  • Automatic with refresh interval slider
  • Manual by means of Read sector button

HDD Imaging - Target HEX Viewer

Improvements in Case Management

We have significantly improved reporting in the Insight and we made sure everything is now being logged in finest detail. For example, each flip of the Write Protection switch on the DiskSense unit is now logged.

New header and style of case reports

All or only selected reports can now be printed (or exported to rtf) via the new Export / Print function.

Export - Print in Atola Insight

Attach files to your case

Insight 3.1 allows attaching files in the case tracking system. Whenever you attach a picture, a thumbnail is added on the Home screen.

Home page with Managed Files and Detailed reporting

Hash calculation

It is now possible to hash both source and target drives simultaneously via a separate Calculate Hash menu.

Imaging now supports pre-hash and post-hash options. Hash calculation can now be performed on:

  • source drive as pre-hash option
  • target drive as post-hash option


Other Atola Insight 3.1 changes

  • Imaging: Reorganized imaging settings
  • Imaging: Auto-compare option for Imaging
  • Imaging: Custom LBA intervals are now shown on the result screen as well as in case history
  • Imaging: Ability to view LBA addresses + contents of those sectors where file signatures were detected
  • Disk compare: Performance was improved significantly for DiskSense Ethernet units
  • Licensing: it is now possible to extend a subscription without internet connection
  • Better Ethernet unit reconnection upon connection loss
  • Added a menu item for DiskSense unit information

Full Atola Insight 3.1 change log is available here: Atola Insight Changelog.

Vitaliy Mokosiy
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