Today we have released Atola Insight Forensic 4.1.

Our main efforts were put on bug fixing to make Atola Insight Forensic more stable and reliable, and version 4.1 includes over 100 fixes and improvements. The most significant changes are addressed below.

Full Atola Insight Forensic 4.1 change log is available here: Atola Insight Changelog.

Imaging: new Metadata-only option

New Metadata-only imaging mode allows copying of absolutely minimum amount of data for file browsing to work, this allows for imaging of specific files.

All sectors with metadata

Creating imaging sessions from File Recovery

It is now possible to create an imaging session that would include sectors of specific files. It works perfect together with the new ‘All sectors with metadata’ option in Imaging. So here’s the most quick scenario to image a pack of files:

  1. Start imaging with ‘All sectors with metadata’ selected.
  2. After imaging finishes, switch to target port and go to File Recovery.
  3. Find files you need to image and select them.
  4. Click ‘Image selected…’ button.
  5. Start new imaging session that copies data of the selected files.
  6. Re-visit File Recovery and see the files are 100% copied.


Automated sector analysis

Automated sector analysis was built in to Disk Editor and Imaging. When viewing sectors, known metadata is automatically parsed into a human-readable form.

Metadata types supported:

  • Master boot record
  • NTFS boot sector
  • NTFS file record
  • NTFS index
  • HFS volume header
  • HFS plus B tree header
  • ext super block
  • exFAT boot sector
  • FAT32 boot sector
  • FAT boot sector

File Record

File Record Parsed


Watch this screencast to see how you can analyse copied data right during Imaging:


Imaging presets

Imaging settings can now be saved into custom presets. Export/import operations will be added in Insight v.4.2

Imaging Preset


How to order

You can order Atola Insight Forensic from us directly, or from a distributor near you:

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