We’re announcing a new product – Atola Insight Forensic, an unmatched data acquisition tool for forensic experts as well as data recovery labs. It will be officially released in the middle of April, and will supersede all of our current products.

What’s new

We’ve made a number of significant improvements in the hardware as well as the software. Here are a few of them:

  • New hardware unit images drives and SSDs faster than any other tool ever existed
  • Supports USB devices (USB 3.0 speed)
  • Supports imaging to multiple targets
  • Ability to run multiple concurrent tasks


(Click the image for full-size view)

Here is the explanation on what is going on on the screen above:

  • Source hard drive (WD) is being imaged onto 2 targets: Seagate (SATA Target 1 port) and another Seagate (USB 3.0 Target 2 port)
  • At the same time, another WD drive is being scanned for defects (SATA Target 3 port).
  • A hash is being calculated for a Seagate drive that is attached directly to the PC.

We will be releasing more details about Atola Insight Forensic next week, so stay tuned!

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Atola CTO He believes in saving time & energy of people doing mission-critical work. Therefore, all his efforts are focused on leading R&D of innovative Atola products. Gamification enthusiast. Agile development proponent.

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