As we watched TaskForce become a popular tool for in-the-field imaging, we decided to develop a screen cover to make its transportation safe and effortless.

Made of lightweight 2-mm aluminum, the cover protects the screen from scratches and other types of damage. Most importantly, it allows fast packing of the hardware unit for transportation.

Easily place and attach the cover to the unit against five magnetic screws on the unit’s top panel, which keep it securely fixed to the unit. Remove the cover with a careful pulling motion to detach it from the magnets.

The cover is available for all existing TaskForce users with a valid subscription. Just send us the unit’s serial number and we will send it to you!

All TaskForce hardware units assembled from this September onwards will come with the cover in the standard package.

NB The only magnetic parts used are the magnetic screws. While our tests have shown that they are not able to damage a drive, we recommend that no storage or other devices are placed near the magnets.

Yulia Samoteykina
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Yulia Samoteykina

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