Using some TaskForce features more often than others and want them at hand? Now, with TaskForce 2023.11 firmware update, you can customize your Taskbar as you like to have quicker access to the functionality you use the most. And hide features you rarely utilize under the Others button. It is as easy as dragging and dropping icons on the Taskbar where you want them.

Here’s how it works now:

  1. Go to Other.
  2. Click the new Customize taskbar button.
  3. Drag and drop task buttons on the Taskbar and Other page.

Dragging and dropping icons on the Taskbar

All changes are stored in your browser only and do not affect other users. And if you want to go back as it was, click the Restore to default button on the Other page.

TaskForce 2023.11 Changelog

New features

  • Customization of the Taskbar and Other page.


Logical imaging:

  • Task could freeze when imaging compressed files from APFS partitions.
  • Rare case of “File was skipped due to reading” error with NTFS file system.

About 10 missing Chinese and Japanese translations.

TaskForce 2 only:

  • Kiosk mode didn’t work properly with HTTPS enabled.
  • Issue selecting USB work folder after booting without USB DB drive plugged into the DB port.
  • Slow (20 seconds) search for new TaskForce firmware when updating it over USB.


To get access to all new features, download new updates from our website:

Where to buy

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