How do you start your working day?

Data recovery (DR) and Forensic specialists are highly known because of their workplace, aren’t they? A computer with the case removed and wires sticking out, piles of hard disc drives with various stickers and labels, and more wires is typically a confusing, disorganized mess.

You have just come to work and you are still sleepily looking towards your plans for the day, and suddenly, the telephone rings! It’s your biggest client, and he is asking lots of questions. But how do you keep all these data in your mind? Of course, you can have notes somewhere, but is that really useful and effective?

What if you have a lack of information and your client needs an update NOW?

Even on your best days, it is not so easy to remember in what order you have checked a disc, what problems you found, and what you did do or did not! This time, your client is asking new questions again and again, and needs to know now. It’s an awkward situation, isn’t it?

That’s why Atola Technology specifically designed the Case Management System for the Atola Insight!

Proper Case Management is a unique feature that makes your work easier and more available to others. Atola Insight offers the most highly developed and user-friendly case management system of any DR solution on the market.

Main features at a glance:

  • All reports, firmware files, notes and logs related to a case are automatically saved and can easily be retrieved at any time.
  • Every hard drive is recognized immediately upon connection.
  • It records all case data without stopping to input notes.
  • It keeps the entire case history at your fingertips.
  • It recalls any case quickly and easily.

You will be positively surprised every day how comfortable and useful it is to use.

Want to learn more about Case Management?

Please follow the link.

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