Finally, after more than two years of development, we are releasing the first version of Atola Insight. I would like to thank all beta testers who provided their priceless feedback, it helped a lot!

The software is still far from being complete, and we are continuing our work on making it better. We plan to release new versions of Atola Insight every 2 to 4 weeks, so that all users enjoy new features as soon as we implement them.

Our plans for the upcoming releases:

  • Better automatic diagnostics
  • More disk imaging/duplication options
  • Full firmware access for more hard drives
  • Online firmware repositories
  • Better file recovery engine

You can view full Atola Insight changelog at

We are also working on a new DiskSense unit that would not be affected by any speed limitations when performing disk imaging and duplication tasks (currently the transfer speed is limited by USB 2.0 interface). The unit is already in development and we expect it to be ready for shipping by May 2009.

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Anubus · November 29, 2008 at 7:02 am

It was about time, but after the “release” the product is still very illusive to the end customer. No one – no where is giving price quotes. I am quite sure the product is real, because of Dimitry, but you must understand that other companies can and do use this delay for their benefit. What about the free version of Atola, why not release it, it may be full of bugs and we ( that are interested ) know that most of the functions are in the usb hardware, but still – release it, release videos too, rub the competition noses, stop them from talking trash about you and your products.
After all the community knows who Dimitry ( I don’t like Dmitry, sorry ) is, the one of very few that have done something for the common people and not looking only for profit, and that is why all of us respect you and we trust you.
And it would be great if some of the restrictions that MHDD has are removed now :)
Best wishes.

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