It is possible to transfer all or some of the cases stored in one Insight’s case management system to another one. The only requirement is that both computers have the same version of Insight installed.

Whenever cases need to be transferred from one computer to another one, start by exporting the cases.

1. Go to Cases category of the top level menu and click Export.

2. In the Export Cases window select folder where the cases should be stored, then select the cases you would like to be exported and click Save button.
3. The cases are now saved as a package in a zip file (with the default name, which can later be copied to a different computer.

NB Whenever a case is exported, a record about it is added to the case’s history.

Importing cases

To import cases from a zip file into Insight on a different computer.

1. Click Import in Cases category of the top menu of Insight.
2. Click Browse icon and select path and name of the zip file.

3. Select some or all of the cases in the table and click Import button.

Please note that if there is a match between existing case numbers and the imported ones, Insight will prompt you to either cancel the import or save the case that causes the conflict as a copy.