Atola Insight Forensic is known for its fast imaging and highly automated data recovery functionality. The system has just received a revamped hardware unit named DiskSense 2. It is still a very compact device, which nevertheless possesses immense power thanks to the server-grade motherboard and CPU. Another great addition is the ECC RAM module, which helps avoid even the tiniest chance of data corruption during data transfer. 

The hardware revamp is great news for small forensic labs that have been experiencing higher data volumes within their investigations: DiskSense 2 allows performing 3 imaging sessions in parallel.

DiskSense 2 is equipped with 6 source ports:

  • 3 SATA
  • 1 IDE
  • 1 USB
  • Extension port for SAS, M.2 NVMe/PCIe/SATA SSD, Thunderbolt, Apple PCIe SSD.

The 4 target ports are:

  • 3 SATA
  • 1 USB

Imaging sessions can run to 3 targets each. The targets can be a combination of bit-to-bit images and image files sent to the target ports, the host computer, or server via two built-in 10Gbit Ethernet ports.

Insight can perform each imaging session at 500 MB/s as long as all drives involved in the imaging sessions are in good condition and the network configuration is optimal for high data throughput.

Imaging bad drives in parallel

Just as with the old hardware unit, DiskSense 2 supports Insight’s unique damaged drive functionality on any of the parallel imaging sessions. With severely damaged drives, imaging can take hours or even days to complete. And the ability to image 3 drives simultaneously means that other imaging jobs will not be queueing up.

Running other tasks on top of multiple imaging sessions

Furthermore, even with three imaging sessions running, you can perform other tasks by using multitasking capabilities: just click the plus icon in the Ports menu, and add target ports to run wiping, hashing, artifact search or file recovery on it.

Atola Insight Forensic enhanced with the DiskSense 2 hardware unit helps you image more drives, faster.

Yulia Samoteykina
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Yulia Samoteykina

Director of Marketing Yulia believes that with a product that is exceptionally good at solving tasks of forensic experts, marketing is about explaining its capabilities to the users. Yulia regularly represents Atola at DFIR events, holds free workshops and webinars about Atola imagers functionality and advocates on the users' behalf to ensure that Atola keeps on adding value and raising the bar for the industry.

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