Atola TaskForce allows imaging to up to 5 targets at a time.

The targets may include

  • E01 or RAW (.img, .dd) file on a network server
  • target drive plugged into one of 18 TaskForce ports

To start an imaging session that includes 5 targets:

1) Click Image icon in the left-side menu

2) Select source and target devices. To create a target file, click Select file icon in the target drive menu and click Continue button.

Selecting targets

3) In Select image file, open the folder on the server where you want the file to be created and click the Plus icon.

4) In Create image file pop-up window, type in a name for the file and select its type (E01, RAW, img., or dd.), click Create and click Continue button in Select target devices window.

Enter the name of the file

5) In the summary page, double-check imaging settings and the targets selected for the imaging session and click Start button.

Check the settings and click Start button

In the imaging page, there are two diagrams that show the progress of imaging. The upper one is called imaging map bar and shows imaging progress throughout the whole drive space (all successfully imaged sectors on the source drive are marked green, all damaged ones are marked red). The lower diagram is called read speed graph and shows the time TaskForce spent reading sectors on the source drive. 

NB Overall imaging speed is always limited by the slowest device: either by the read speed of the source or the write speed of the slowest target. 

Imaging in progress

When imaging is completed, you are redirected to the imaging summary page, where you can review the details of the session including source and target drive details, imaging settings, hash values and the time when imaging session started and when it was completed.

Imaging completed

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