TaskForce forensic hardware unit was designed to ensure maximum data transfer rates when imaging to a file on your server. Jumbo frames is a great help for that. When Jumbo frames disabled, it is easy to enable them and experience substantial boost to the speed of imaging!

First, select to create an image file on the server, to which you will be imaging.

Atola TaskForce: Selecting target devices

When you start to image to your server with Jumbo frame disabled, the data transfer speed will not exceed 500 MB/s. The actual speed will also depend on the configuration and current traffic in the network.

Atola TaskForce: Imaging data

To boost the speed:

1. Pause the imaging session

2. Click the Service menu in the right corner of the top bar.

3. Click Settings

Atola TaskForce: Settings

4. Enable Jumbo frames of the Ethernet port you are using and set MTU to 9000.

Atola TaskForce: Enabling Jumbo frames

NB For fast imaging of files to your server via 10 Gigabit network, you need to activate Jumbo frames in the settings of the server’s network adapter as well as in the settings of the network switch, should it be necessary (10Gb switches normally have Jumbo frames activated by default).

Then you can return to your imaging session by clicking Image button and selecting the source and clicking Resume button. This time, the speed will be way higher!

Atola TaskForce: Imaging with Jumbo frames
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