When you need to wipe a bunch of target drives for subsequent imaging sessions or double-check hash values on multiple drives in your archive, multi-launch functionality in TaskForce helps you save time and avoid repeated clicks to complete such multi-drive tasks.

This function is currently supported for single-drive tasks: Hashing, Wiping, Diagnostics.

To use multi-launch:

  1. Click the task in the main menu
  2. In the drive selection panel, enable the multi-launch option and select the drives you would like to run the task on. When it comes to hashing, multi-launch can be applied to both the devices plugged into the system and the locally stored image files.

Optionally, you can click the top panel to see the number of selected devices and double-check the selected devices and their details. The drop-down gives additional info about the drives such as their health status according to the most recent diagnostics and case ID.

3. Check and adjust the settings, that will be identical for all of the currently selected drives and click START

If in the wiping settings, you keep the ‘Check if device contains data’ option enabled, TaskForce will scan all the selected devices. If any data may be overwritten. TaskForce will inform you about such drives containing data before wiping is launched on them.

Next, watch TaskForce hash, wipe or diagnose all the drives in one go!


The case management system automatically generates and saves separate reports to the individual cases.

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