Atola TaskForce

The Story of TaskForce in 11 Acts

Looking back at these three years, you notice how fast TaskForce has transformed. From an extremely flexible high-capacity imager with a traditional forensic feature set to an even more productive and innovative tool. TaskForce now offers unique solutions for emerging and long-standing problems of forensic examiners like RAID support and automation.

Atola TaskForce

AFF4 support in Atola TaskForce 2021.4

Atola is pleased to announce the support of AFF4 files in Atola TaskForce, which makes it the second hardware imager able to create AFF4 files after Atola Insight Forensic! Imaging to AFF4 AFF4 is a highly optimized open-source forensic file format with a wide range of benefits: Open-source format: you can describe it in a court Supports multi-pass imaging Fast compression methods: Snappy and LZ4 Block hashes Stores binary zeroes as spans similar to sparse files Vendor-neutral AFF4’s block hashes are calculated for small segments of data on the drive and are stored in a table inside AFF4 metadata and there is a Block map hash that represents a single Read more…

Atola TaskForce

Imaging RAID 5 with a missing device

When it comes to RAID imaging, a forensic specialist may be confronted with an array that not only has an unknown configuration but also one of the drives severely damaged or missing. This is when Atola TaskForce comes to the rescue! If this is a RAID 5 with a missing device, TaskForce uses the array’s redundancy to create a full image of the RAID. All you need to do is select all available RAID members and click the Add missing device button. Auto detection module will recommence when a new image file or device is added. TaskForce can identify the right configuration and reassemble the RAID, using redundancy. When a Read more…

Atola TaskForce

Imaging RAID 5 array with errors on multiple drives

When imaging RAID 5 array with errors on multiple drives, Atola TaskForce is still able to detect its parameters and image the whole RAID. Let’s examine a case with a RAID 5 consisting of 5 drives, two of which have bad sectors. Reassembling RAID 5 array with errors on multiple drives Click the RAID button in the left-side taskbar and select the drives that make up the RAID array.  TaskForce autodetection module starts running immediately upon selection of the RAID members. In Stage 1, TaskForce reads data on the drives to identify the RAID type. In case it runs across an error, it displays an Error tag next to the corresponding RAID Read more…

Atola Insight Forensic

Atola Insight 4.17 with AFF4 support

Our dev team has decided to celebrate 2021 with a new software update. With this release, Atola Insight Forensic has become the first forensic hardware imager in the world that is able to image into AFF4 files! Here is why AFF4 support is so important. AFF4 imager So what’s the big deal about AFF4? This file format has several upsides: Open-source format: you can describe it in a court Fast compression methods: Snappy and LZ4 Block hashes It stores binary zeroes as spans (in a “sparse file” manner) Vendor-neutral Since our team is always focused on performance and AFF4 is a highly optimized file format, Insight’s imaging speed will be Read more…