Atola TaskForce

Importing cases from Atola Insight Forensic

Among the first users of Atola TaskForce, there are many owners of Atola Insight Forensic systems. Cases from Atola Insight Forensic can easily be imported into TaskForce. First, export cases from Insight’s case management system. To import cases from Insight’s case management system, 1) click Cases in the top left corner of the TaskForce page 2) click the Import button at the bottom of the page. 3) In the file selector, find the zip file that contains cases from Insight’s case management system. Importing will take a few minutes. Then you will be redirected to the report with the list of all imported cases. Now all cases are a part of Read more…

hard drives

How we test our devices

Today we are offering you a sneak peek into Atola Technology office to show you our device storage system. As you know, both Atola TaskForce and Atola Insight Forensic support the vast majority of 1.8-inch, 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch IDE, SATA and USB hard drives, USB Flash media as well as SD, Compactflash, and Memory Stick cards. Over the years, we have accumulated hundreds of devices to develop and test our systems on them. Some of the drives date back to 2003, when the company was founded, others were purchased or donated more recently. Many are damaged, yet they are precious to us: we actually bought most of them in this condition Read more…

Drive database to test Atola devices
Atola TaskForce

Chinese version of TaskForce launched!

With TaskForce units already sold in 4 continents, we are delighted to launch TaskForce software 2018.1.2, which includes the Chinese version. The new version can be downloaded here. To switch to the Chinese language, click Menu icon in the top right corner of the TaskForce window. This software update includes only the new language. More features will follow later this year.

Atola TaskForce

Diagnose a drive with Atola TaskForce

When an evidence drive lands on investigator’s table for the first time, there is always an uncertainty when it comes to the drive’s condition. A broken head or scratched surface of the media require different imaging tactics. That’s why it is strongly suggested that before imaging, each drive should first be diagnosed.  TaskForce has Atola’s unique diagnostics module which checks all systems of the drive: Hard drive’s motor and electronics (PCB) Head stack Media surface All firmware/system areas Partitions and file systems At the end the system produces a report which sums up all issues. The process will take only 2 – 5 minutes.  To start, click Diagnostics button in the Read more…

Multi-user access
Atola TaskForce

Atola TaskForce’s connectivity and multi-user access

Atola TaskForce has three connectivity options: 10Gb Ethernet network Standalone mode WiFi access point 10Gb Ethernet network Atola TaskForce is equipped with two 10Gb Ethernet ports. Whenever the system is connected to a local network via one of its Ethernet ports, an IP address will be displayed on the IP screen on the front panel of the system. If the system is connected via both Ethernet ports, two IP addresses will be displayed on the screen. These IP addresses are assigned to TaskForce by your DHCP server. Multi-user access With the help of these IP addresses, TaskForce can be operated by multiple users from their workstations or mobile devices: enter Read more…