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Image. Anything. Fast. What makes TaskForce the ultimate forensic imager

Atola’s high-performance TaskForce forensic imager has a well-developed imaging functionality that performs a huge variety of acquisition-related jobs. Not only does it assemble, identify RAID configuration and image RAID arrays. TaskForce also safely handles damaged evidence drives, verifies data on good and bad media, performs selective imaging, has a special zero-click imaging mode on its 17 source ports, etc.  In this blog, we will touch on all of these and other imaging options that make TaskForce an imager that exceeds your expectations. Optimize your performance  TaskForce is equipped with a variety of time-saving features that boost your productivity, making your work with evidence drives simple and effective. With its 18 Read more…

Company news

2021 Year in Review

2021 became a truly transformational year in the history of Atola Technology. Years come and go, what stays are our accomplishments, lessons learned, people met and ideas shared. This year we achieved success, welcomed obstacles and embraced challenges: global chip shortage, new hardware and features, easing of travel restrictions, new business processes, etc. All this will have shaped our development as a team and a business. So in the waning hours of 2021, let’s have a look and reflect on what we have experienced.   DiskSense 2 The most exciting event of 2021 was the launch of DiskSense 2 hardware unit for Atola Insight Forensic in July. We saw an Read more…

Merry Christmas
Locating sectors Atola Insight Forensic
Atola Insight Forensic

Atola Insight Forensic 5.1.1 new release

Atola team congratulates you on the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays! Therefore, we decided to release this minor software update of Atola Insight – 5.1.1 version. While we are working on new features you’ll see in the next 5.2 update, the released version improves stability in several modules. And, of course, it supports both units: DiskSense (2014) DiskSense 2 (2021) Bugfixes DiskSense 2 unit only: Stability issue with imaging Macbooks via Thunderbolt extension Redundant symbols could show up on the IP Display. Saving report To PDF/HTML could omit statistic fields like Sectors calculated in Chinese/Japanese languages. Diagnostics. “Current channel is not AHCIChannel” exception in the Diagnostic report appearing for Read more…


Top digital forensics conferences in 2022

The new list of DFIR 2023 events is here: Top digital forensic conferences in 2023 2021 brought back some of the conferences, exhibitions, training courses and other events dedicated to digital forensics. We look at the next year with optimism and hope that many more forensic events will return and brand new ones will be organized! Here is a list of 35+ digital forensics events already in planning. We will keep it regularly updated and add new events as they get announced. Save the link and check this post for updates as we move into 2022! The events supported by Atola Technology or our partners are marked with an asterisk (*). Read more…

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RAID 10 configuration autodetection and imaging

TaskForce’s RAID functionality has been around for over a year now. Our users have experienced great improvement in their process. RAID 10 imaging is the most recent addition. RAID 10 is among the most popular RAID types and combines striping and mirroring techniques. This ensures both high performance and data resiliency. A RAID 10 usually consists of an even set of drives, unless three mirrors are used for extra data redundancy. In September, TaskForce received its 2021.8 firmware update that included RAID 10 support. From now on, our configuration autodetection module helps in case you are dealing with a RAID 10. Even if the type and configuration of the RAID Read more…

RAID 10 imaging
Atola Insight Forensic

Locate Sectors in Atola Insight Forensic 5.1

We are excited to release one of the biggest software updates for Atola Insight Forensic! The 5.1 version supports both DiskSense and DiskSense 2 units. On top of that, with 5.1, Atola Insight Forensic has become a 64-bit application and is no longer limited to ~4 GB of memory. The major changes in the new Atola Insight are: app-wide XFS support performance and memory improvements a first-in-the-industry feature: Locate Sectors We continue to push boundaries and innovate. Our team believes that a modern imaging hardware should provide more than images with hashes. Atola Insight Forensic has always been famous for damaged drive diagnostics and imaging. Later, sector-level artifact search during Read more…