Atola TaskForce

Atola TaskForce 2019.7 with Web API for Automation

We strongly believe that digital forensic world needs faster solutions to save your precious time, tackle routine tasks easily, and focus on what matters most. That’s why we have been continuously improving Atola TaskForce’s imaging engine to provide our users with: up to 18 simultaneous imaging sessions the optimal speed of an imaging session The next big thing to save your time is automation. Complete more tasks in less clicks! Atola team is proud to release TaskForce firmware update 2019.7 that introduces Web API. It is built into TaskForce. We made Web API available to the public for information purposes: TaskForce Web API will optimize your workflow in many Read more…

Atola Insight Forensic

Atola Insight Forensic 4.13 release with NVMe support

We are excited to inform you that the latest software release of Atola Insight Forensic has arrived and it features a number of new capabilities for Insight customers, namely: NVMe drive support via QNINE NVMe-to-USB adapter revamped connectivity for networks with multiple DiskSense units and other great features NVMe support Insight now supports NVMe drives with the help of QNINE NVMe USB Enclosure based on JMS583 chip. It is a third-party adapter that has been tested by our QA team which can be purchased on Amazon or from other retailers. The speed of imaging is limited by the adapter’s data transfer rate and constitutes up to 300 MB/sec. Revamped DiskSense Read more…

Atola TaskForce

Multi-pass imaging of damaged drives

Atola TaskForce has a complex imaging functionality, which allows imaging even physically damaged drives, while avoiding further drive deterioration. Damaged media require a sophisticated imaging approach to balance out thorough data extraction with forensics’ need in expediency and careful treatment of damaged media.