Let’s have a look at what the new version of TaskForce firmware has to offer.

Imaging to files on target: store multiple image files on the destination drive.

Imaging to E01 compressed file: compression support to minimize E01 file size.

Storing case data on a server: move case management system from the NVMe drive installed in the unit to a preferred location.

And other changes.

Imaging to files on target

We are excited to introduce this highly anticipated feature to TaskForce! Now a target can be put in Storage mode and serve as a destination for multiple images.

  • Storage mode can be activated when you select target for imaging;
  • When a new drive is put in Storage mode, it is formatted to exFAT with large cluster size (32 MB) to ensure the fastest possible imaging;
Storage mode
Files on a destination drive in Storage mode
  • A drive in Storage mode is marked with a special blue icon in device panels.
Imaging to files on target
Device selection menu with a destination drive in Storage mode and a RAW file created on that drive

Imaging to E01 compressed file

E01 compression is now supported. It helps save space on the destination device, in some cases, quite substantially.

Creating a compressed E01 file: simply tick the box

Thanks to TaskForce’s mighty processor, E01 compression takes no more time than regular imaging. In fact, if data on the evidence drive is highly compressible, there will be less time required for writing this data onto a target, therefore imaging may run much faster.

Storing case data on a server

Keeping in mind that some of our customers require individual certification for any drive that stores case data, which makes using TaskForce’s own NVMe drive somewhat problematic for such organizations, we have now enabled reconfiguration of case management system so that location of the Work folder (i.e. the database of cases and reports) can be moved to a local server.

Storing case data on server

Other changes


  • Imaging to E01. Performance increase by 100%.
  • Imaging. Performance enhancement for SAS ports: 100-200% increase depending on the combination of source and target types.

Cases. New option “Set case details before task start”

Diagnostics. Drive temperature graph and drive working timespans

Wiping. The speed of random and LBA pattern methods accelerated by 100%.

New method of TaskForce firmware update: from USB stick

Japanese language support



  • It was impossible to select an image file with “+” sign in its filename
  • USB drives. Intermittent unsuccessful identification of certain USB drives
  • INTEL SSDSC2KB240G7 solid-state drive model was not identifiable
  • False “Device isn’t connected to TaskForce or is not responding” message on certain enterprise SAS drives
  • Diagnostics. Rare incorrect “According to the status register, circuit board is malfunctioning” message for drives on SAS ports
  • Diagnostics. Estimated imaging time indication was missing for old drives with capacity below < 7 GB
  • Diagnostics. Short circuit diagnostics could be missing when short circuit is detected.


Where to buy

If you still do not have an Atola TaskForce and would like to place an order, this can be done directly via Atola Technology, or from a distributor near you:


Please contact Atola Technology sales department to receive more specific information:

  • Call us: +1 888 540-2010, +1 416 833-3501  10am – 6pm ET
  • Or email us

P.S. Dear customers, we appreciate your feedback and take it into consideration when updating our products. Please feel free to write your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

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