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Answering questions about Atola Insight

It’s been two days since we announced Atola Insight, and we are already virtually flooded with questions and feedback about it. I will now go through the most common questions: Pricing: It will be a stand-alone product with a set price; no per-use charge as seen in Repair Station/HDD Unlock Wizard. Sorry, no prices are […]

Firmware recovery with Atola Insight

I am happy to provide everyone with the a new screenshot that we’ve got today: Accessing firmware files (system area modules): Manual firmware recovery: downloading firmware This is an old-fashion way of accessing firmware files (modules): you can perform the recovery yourself. But wait, Atola Insight can do much more than that. It can automatically […]

Atola Insight at CES 2008

If you want to see Atola Insight in action, then you are welcome to visit us at CES 2008. Project presentation at CES 2008 (January 7-10) in Las Vegas Floor plan of the show | booth number: 73539 (Look for YEC booth and ask for Dmitry Postrigan) in the Sands Convention Center. By the way, […]

Real time current monitor in Atola Insight

We’ve got it working today. There will be two kinds of current monitors in Atola Insight: full-sized monitor and tiny monitor. Tiny monitor can stay on the screen allowing to always keep an eye on hard drive’s power consumption. Current Monitor (click to see in full size) The image above shows normal spin-up and initialization […]

We’ve got an Insight

It’s been quiet in our blog last months, and for a good reason. We are currently developing Atola Insight, a data recovery solution. What’s good about it is that it covers all four phases of a data recovery process: diagnostics, firmware recovery, duplication/imaging, and file recovery. The Fourth Element Every data recovery specialist knows about […]