It’s been two days since we announced Atola Insight, and we are already virtually flooded with questions and feedback about it.

I will now go through the most common questions:

Pricing: It will be a stand-alone product with a set price; no per-use charge as seen in Repair Station/HDD Unlock Wizard. Sorry, no prices are set so far. Preliminary pricing information can be expected in February 2008. Full roadmap (2-year development plan) will be released in March 2008.

Presentation at CES 2008: I will do my best to have it taped. If that doesn’t happen for any reason, then I will at least publish my powerpoint presentation (EDIT: see comments for the download link). Also, please note that always contains up-to-date information about the project.

Freeware: We really want to give something that can be useful for everyone. Initially we did plan to include all diagnostics features in the freeware version of Atola Insight, but now this seems somewhat shaky since most of the diagnostic stuff moved to the Atola DiskSense USB unit. We will be discussing this more with the developers to see what we can do. The same applies to the firmware diagnostics.

Supported drives and features: Automatic unlocking (ATA-password removal) will be available for all IDE and SATA hard drives (laptop and desktop) by May 2008. Everything else will be in the product roadmap which we will be releasing in March.

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