We are finishing up the testing of our new Atola DiskSense unit; and we are also finishing up the Atola Insight software, meaning that we will be releasing our first public beta version on July 1st, 2008.

Initially, we’ve planned the beta for May 2008. However, at some point we realized that the Atola Insight beta could be MUCH better if we finish up two major tasks:
1) Release completely new DiskSense units (with internal power supply and a SATA I/II port).
2) Finish up some key features in Atola Insight (automatic diagnostics, automatic password removal, automatic firmware recovery, and full firmware access for almost all hard drives).

This way the beta won’t be just a “preview” release, but a tool that’s really useful.

If you’d like to get your hands on the Atola Insight before everyone else, please contact Jesse Goldstein at jgoldstein@yec-usa.com for more information.

Wonder how the new Atola DiskSense looks like? Follow this link: http://atola.com/products/insight/disksense

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