First batch of our new DiskSense units has been shipped to Ji2, our worldwide distributor. Main advantages over the USB unit are the ability to image data directly onto another hard drive, and create images over Gigabit Etherent link.

In our latest Atola Insight release (v1.4.1), we’ve reached imaging speed of about 85MB/second (5GB/min) on a pair of Seagate 7200.11 hard drives. And we are continuing to work to reach even greater speed!

I’ve just took some pictures of the new unit:




Also, we have released an imager-only edition of the Atola Insight which is basically same setup (software + DiskSense unit), but it does not have hard drive diagnostics, firmware access, ATA password removal and other things, just bare imaging functionality (disk-to-disk and disk-to-image). What’s good about it is its price and the fact that you can upgrade to the full Atola Insight at any time.

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