We are glad to inform you about new exciting feature of the second version of DiskSense unit – DiskSense Ethernet. It solves the problem of speed limitation by USB 2.0 interface completely.

Steps to achieve a high speed of imaging

  1. If you have DiskSense Ethernet unit, you should attach one disk as source and another disk as destination to it.
  2. Run the latest version of Atola Insight.
  3. Click on Imaging and make a very short setup of your disk duplication process.
  4. Start imaging!

As a result you will see something like this:

Atola Insight - new speed of disk imaging

In the current case we can see that data is being copied from SAMSUNG HD250HJ to WDC WD800AAJS-00PSA0 with overall speed of 47 MB/s.

Vitaliy Mokosiy
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Vitaliy Mokosiy

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