Revolution in Partition Recovery software is coming! ;-) Today we have released a new version of Partition Find and Mount with many valuable improvements.

If you are not familiar with Partition Find and Mount yet – it’s all about finding partitions when the MBR and/or Boot Sector are destroyed.

In this release we were primarily focused on dealing with damaged volumes and the speed and quality of partition searching process.

Reading a hard drive sector by sector takes a lot of time nowadays, so we are trying to read as little data as possible while not missing anything important. We have developed a number of techniques that allow us to scan the drive in a few minutes in the worst case scenario. And in 95% cases all partitions can be found in less than 1 minute. In comparison to other partition recovery software it’s a fascinating result!


This release summary:

  1. NTFS and FAT partitions with damaged Boot Sector can now be found and mounted correctly.
  2. Intellectual Scan was improved. Now it can find partitions with boot sector damage and can deal with a number of situations in which only Thorough scan was able to produce result.
  3. Partitions which were created using 3rd party software are now also can be found correctly.

Hope you enjoy this release! Everyone who have previously purchased a license can upgrade to v. 2.2 at no cost!

Download Partition Find and Mount v. 2.2

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